Life's a beach in Barnoldswick

This summer we have been proud to support the 8th annual Barlech Beach.

Barlech Beach is a community man made beach that comes to Barnoldswick every August. The beach appears every year in the town centre square to keep the little ones entertained in the summer break with its tonnes of covered sand. The community put on a wide array of events over the summer evolving around the beach. These events include a surfing simulator, donkey days and a duck race. where. Over 1000 people came to visit the beach in the opening weekend alone this year.

Barlech Beach raises money for ‘Barnoldswick in Bloom’.  This award-winning organisation aims to make Barnoldswick a town that all of the community can be proud of and are invested in. The group work throughout the year, planting, tending and tidying up areas around Barnoldswick so that everyone can enjoy the town.

We decided to up the ante this year and get properly involved. We took one of our beloved Toyota AYGO’s down to the beach with us and let the kids go wild, armed with hazard free water based paint, to see what wonderful creations they could paint. The children had a fantastic time and of course were well aware that this was a ‘not to be repeated at home’ experience!

We were thrilled to be able to take part in this big community event and we hope to be able to come back again next year on the hunt for any budding Monet’s or Van Goh’s. We look forward to seeing how ‘Barnoldswick in Bloom’ invest the money raised back into the community. 


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